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Ekim Fuarı,Murat Niziplioğlu

"Because the October Fair is a year-end fair, it is faint"

Murat Niziplioğlu evaluated the October Fair.

Murat Niziplioğlu

Murat Niziplioğlu talked about presidential candidates

Murat Niziplioğlu stated the expectations.

Murat Niziplioğlu,Nova Pres Gold

Nova Pres Gold Expands Its Field of Activity in 2014

Nova Pres Gold wants to expand its business

Murat Niziplioğlu,Nova Pres Gold

Murat Niziplioğlu: "You Imagine, We Will Act"

Murat Niziplioğlu traveled to the past and learned the company history

Murat Niziplioğlu,Nova Pres Gold

Niziplioğlu, the banks could not collect the gold they wanted

This year was a bomb-like development in the middle of our industry

Murat Niziplioğlu,Nova Pres Gold

Year 2013 was the year of bullion gold

The figures show that this year is the peak of bullion gold.

Murat Niziplioğlu

It was once said for Istanbul that now the stone of the Southeast is gold

The positive weather that started with the solution process also brought the gold bullion demands to the top